Will You Be Happy or Sad Today? It’s Up to You!

Happy or sadPerspective is a major factor in everyone’s happiness. Two people can live the exact same scenario yet somehow they will almost always interpret them entirely differently. Let’s take a look at a similar scenario described by two different people. Which perspective do you want to frame your mindset with?

Alice’s Perspective

Alice wakes up to an early Monday morning. Ugh, it’s way too early.

She goes through the routine of showering, shaving, brushing her teeth and getting dressed. She heads downstairs and begrudgingly makes herself a cup of coffee and toast to start the day. She eats her bland breakfast in a hurry because she doesn’t want to be late for work.

She then walks outside and discovers that it’s way too hot, ugh! She hops into her car and drives through ridiculous amounts of stressful fast-paced stop-and-go traffic to get to work.

She makes her way into the office and it’s over air-conditioned, now she’s cold. She boots up her computer and sees a ton of emails, ugh! Working through emails one by one feels like it’s taking hours. Alice is visibly grumpy.

Alison’s Perspective

The sound of Alison’s alarm rings. Alison opens her eyes and turn off the alarm. Getting out of bed she take a few seconds to stretch as she looks out the window to the beautiful blue skies and feels the sun shining in and kissing her face.

She heads to the washroom and starts the shower. Stepping in she feels the warm water caressing her skin from head to toe. She begins to lather up your body with fresh scented body soap as she feels the warm relaxing bubbles soothe her skin as her hands massage her own body. She rinses off and towels herself dry with a warm fresh towel, feeling its softness against her skin. She brushes her teeth and tongue, tasting the minty freshness of the toothpaste and then lathers her legs up with soothing shaving cream and shaves her skin. She then grabs her fresh clothes and slips them over her refreshed body.

She walks downstairs and starts the coffee as she begin to toast her breakfast. The room fills up with the delicious scent of roasted coffee beans as she bites down on her warm fresh toasted bread. She puts the coffee in a mug and heads off to work.

As she steps outside she feels the warmth of the sun, it’s a very hot day and she can feel her body heating up. As she drives to the office while enjoying the wind in her hair, she turns on the radio and enjoy the sounds of her favorite tunes while relaxing in the luxurious comfort of her padded seat of her very own car. She arrives at work and stops the car, but leaves the radio on so the song can complete as there is less than a minute left.

She hops out of the car and stretches once again then walks into the office to the cool blast of air conditioning. It’s chilly so she grabs her favorite cuddly sweater. While booting up her computer she enjoys a few sips of her delicious coffee. She downloads her email and starts to work. There’s a lot of email to get through, let’s stay focused and get them done, a kickstart to the day will really make her productive. Isn’t it nice to have a job that pays the bills and allows her to enjoy time with family & friends, vacations, her home, car and so much more?

Which perspective did you have this morning? Out of the above scenarios, which perspective would you rather have? Remember once today is gone you can never get it back. You have only one opportunity to live each day. Even if you have to work today, why can’t you enjoy it? Better yet, why shouldn’t you enjoy it? The reality is that there are so many people that just coast through life without making any effort to adjust their perspective or look on the brighter side of things.

Do you need an adjustment to your perspective? Perhaps it’s time for some self-reflection.

Brent Mondoux
Founding Partner, Amplified Investments
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