About Us

Amplified Investments is a group of young & passionate business-people that are carving a path to financial freedom. A core component of this financial plan includes the safety and reliability of investing in real-estate. With years of experience under their belts in all aspects of business, including real estate investing, the team is offering their expertise as a vehicle to share this drive for financial freedom with others.

While planning and building for retirement is a worthwhile cause, and one they take seriously, their true mission is to offer investment opportunities for a younger audience with a focus on building a net worth and cashflow that affords the luxury of early retirement and financial freedom.

Closer to retirement? You should already have the phone in your hand! Every day that you wait further delays the opportunities for you to enjoy your golden years the way it was intended to be enjoyed, with your family and friends. Our team of professionals have specialized experience in preparing a safe investment strategy to tackle even the most challenging scenarios.

Let us take the stress of retirement off your shoulders by positioning your investments optimally. While we watch our investments grow together, we can go shoot a round of golf (yeah… young people play golf too you know?)

Amplified Investments can help you too! Visit our investors page for more information about our approach or contact us today to find out how you can retire early too!

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