Luxury condo vs. multiplex – a comparison of the likely outcome

21902074-1-175187114[1]Scenario 1:
You can purchase a luxury 3 bed/2 bath condo for $600K ( which would cost you $4,400 monthly excluding utilities ($3K mortgage + $600 property tax + $500 property maintenance + $300 insurance)

Scenario 2:9424169_1[1]

…or you could purchase a 6-plex ( which earns you positive cashflow ($500-900 / month), appreciation ($1K-1.5K / month), equity via mortgage paydown ($1K-1.2K / month) and tax benefits via reducing tax basis due to depreciation ($2K / month).

Scenario 1 will cost you ~$52K / year. Scenario 2 will earn you ~$40K / year + a ton of tax benefits.

That’s a difference of $92K net worth per year (without even including the tax benefits consideration); a single decision that within a little more than 10 years will likely be the difference between you living paycheck-to-paycheck or becoming a millionaire.

Every decision we make has the impact to change our future. Unfortunately, as emotional beings, we typically make the decision to live in the now, continue to chase the Joneses, and entrap ourselves into the necessity of a lifetime of work. This is why our houses are liabilities, and not assets. Don’t believe me? Read this blog…

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