No more excuses! Achieve your dreams by taking action!

No more excuses

For 9 years I took course after course on real estate investing. Topics spanned residential, commercial, legal, taxation and the list goes on… Despite thousands of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars in education, I was always finding a reason to never take that first step, even though, in reality I was ready after only a few years of courses.

One day towards the end of 2010, I woke up and told myself that I would finally just do it. I would buy some investment real estate. And I did.

Now only 2 years later, I’ve built up a real estate portfolio of 18 properties and on my way to owning 100 in the next 8 years. Sure there were challenges and surprises along the way, but, now I’m much closer to achieving my dreams.  Don’t make my mistake. Don’t let excuses get in your way of success. If I kept saying “I’m too busy”, “It’s too risky”, “I’m too afraid”, I would never be where I am today.

So, the choice is yours, what are you going to do?  Make an excuse (or) take action.  Your dreams are entirely within reach, it’s up to you whether or not you take action to achieve them.

Brent Mondoux
Founding Partner, Amplified Investments

Investing in real estate

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