Start working for yourself without quitting your job!

Early RetirementWouldn’t you love to work for yourself?  Are you afraid to quit your job?  Surprisingly, you don’t have to!  You don’t even have to work any additional hours!  What am I talking about then?  It’s simple.  Start saving today!

Alright… at this point I’ve lost a solid percentage of my readers, individuals who simply aren’t willing to sacrifice their own “perceived happiness” just to save.  But hold up one minute there… what exactly is a sacrifice?

When I used to have to wait to purchase something I thought of it as a sacrifice as well, but as time has went on and wisdom has slowly creeped into my head I now realized that I had a threatening disease known as first-world slavery and that making the actual purchase is the sacrifice.  What?!  Am I completely nuts?  No, in fact I’m not!

Recover from these words, regain your composure and then continue reading my blog please.   It’s okay… you can do it.

How could *not* purchasing something be a sacrifice?  What can I possibly be talking about?  What am I sacrificing by *not* purchasing something???  My own freedom of course!

You see… every single purchase you make takes money out of your wallet that could have otherwise been used to invest towards you achieving freedom – freedom from worries about money, the necessity to work to pay the bills, having to wake up at dreadfully ungodly hours (alarm clocks shouldn’t be allowed to make a noise until 9am at the earliest), freedom from worry and the list goes on.

Let’s see this visually… you can have this or you can have that – which one do you prefer?

This That
  • Fancy home
  • Fancy car
  • Always new smartphone
  • Top of the line furniture
  • Tons of gizmos
  • Tons of clothes
  • Tons of shoes
  • Tons of vacations
  • Eating out all the time
  • etc.
  • Average home
  • Average car
  • Basic smartphone
  • Quality furniture
  • Some gizmos
  • Some high quality clothes
  • Some high quality shoes
  • Annual vacations
  • Eating out once a week
  • etc.
This Result That Result
  • I owe… I owe… it’s off to work I go.
  • Limited time off due to work obligations.
  • Stress & worry.
  • Sleep in. There’s no existence of morning before 9am.
  • Plan fun when desired, no work obligation or worries of debt.
  • Stress free. Do what you want when you want to; not because you need to.

This chart is oversimplified but you get the point.  The truth hurts, we all start out our lives being programmed to achieve this over that.  We’ve all been victims of peer pressure, jealousy and exceptional brainwashing (advertisers call it marketing) that in order to get ahead in the world, we must strive to trade our time for physical possessions, and we’ve become exceptionally well at it, but it’s the wrong approach really…

Today you have a choice.  You can continue down two paths: this or that.  Yes it’s really that simple, yes you decide how you spend your money and yes it’s up to you to make that single choice – physical possessions or freedom.  What’ll it be?

So then if you choose that, what are the next steps?  I mean, what are your responsibilities when working for yourself?  It’s simple, execute these three things and hold yourself accountable.  Treat yourself as an employee; so that if you don’t follow through you would have to penalize yourself (some individuals have gone to extremes of hiring lawyers and requiring that they donate $50,000 to charity if they don’t adhere to this job!).  So what are these tasks?

Commit to saving a percentage of your income

  • Start with 10% immediately, 15% within 6 months and 20% within a year.  If you can continue to increase it then by all means, do it!

Invest these savings in index funds

No more upgrades and unnecessary purchases

  • Don’t upgrade your house, car, etc.  In fact, some of you may need to downgrade.
  • Before you buy things consider the amount of time you have to work in order to buy it

That’s it!  Hold yourself accountable to these three self-employment obligations and you’ve literally changed your life overnight.  You will be financially free decades earlier.  Yes, it’s that simple, there are no hidden secrets!

I know that you’ve made the decision and that your time is more valuable than physical possessions.  You’re on your way to being cured of first-world slavery.  Now go and sign your own employment contract and smile!  You are now self employed with the best job you could have ever given yourself!  Congratulations!

Brent Mondoux
Founding Partner, Amplified Investments

Achieve financial freedom investing education

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